business mentoring

business mentoring
Mentoring for business leaders and small teams - trouble-shooting your business, re-structuring, business plan re-evaluation, re-branding, customer research, competitive advantage...

project management

getting things done
Cost-effective project management to get your project on the right track. Tools and training to support your team or outsourced project management when you just need to get the job done.

web apps + e-commerce

best technology
Leading-edge website, e-commerce and app development. Agile I.T. project management, software design and e-commerce development and consulting - delivered on-time and on-budget.

innovation training

ideas catalyst
Building an innovation culture in your workplace – individual and team coaching and training for harnessing creativity and innovation potential - from ideation thru to adoption.

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Starting out can be tough! Making the right decisions at start-up stage can be the difference between success or failure. Whether you already have a minimum value proposition (MVP) or simply have a great idea that you want to explore further, I can support you. Within one hour of talking with me, I promise that you will receive at least two of the following three gains:

  • An initial, professional appraisal of your business model
  • A breakthrough insight that will substantially improve on your business idea
  • At least one new potential income stream for your business

The first session, by Skype or telephone, is entirely free. You can take the gains I promise you above and walk away, with no obligation. Contact me to request an appointment.

Coping with the growing pains; responding positively to change. Small to medium-sized businesses often reach a point where further expansion seems fraught with challenges. Business owners often fail to spot the problems early enough and consequently struggle to implement appropriate, timely solutions. With the minimum of intervention an external professional can often pinpoint the strategic bottlenecks that threaten growth and stability and propose ideas that can have a powerful, positive impact on the development of your business in new, rewarding directions. Contact me for a free 45-minute session by Skype and you will receive, with no-obligation the following insights:

  • Appraisal of your growth strategy – what direction? how fast? with what objectives?
  • Identifying where your business is potentially bottle-necked
  • What resources your business may require to sustainably reach the next level

Click here to tell me about you, your business and to request an appointment.

Ideas are the life-blood of business. Innovation is much talked about, but little understood, mistaken often simply as ‘brainstorming’ new inventions. Any team requires effective innovation practices that not only generate great ideas, but that can also nurture these through and beyond adoption, with the capacity to sustain them for the long-term. Innovation isn’t something that can be just tagged-on to your existing team’s skillset. It requires sensitively changing your team’s culture and way of doing things. In this way, your business’s creative capital will be valued rightly, as the company or organisation’s greatest asset. Team morale will be high and customers will be happier than ever. By talking with me for around one hour, I promise you that you will receive insights into the following:

  • Two examples of how your specific business or organisation would benefit from higher levels of innovation
  • Where your business or organisation is currently blocked in being more innovative
  • At least three practical next steps to take in putting innovation first

To receive the above insights at no obligation, contact me for a free introductory session.

How do you know that your website or app concept is really marketable? How will you write a specification that can be understood and realised by the developer? Where do you find a developer and how much should you pay? How can you effectively manage the project at all stages? How will you launch your new service and find your customers? What if something goes wrong along the way? Only approximately 5 percent of new IT start-ups succeed. I’m happy to share some of my 19 years’ experience in managing website projects and in IT development. During a free initial consultation, tell me about your website or app and you’ll receive the following gains:

  • At least one valuable insight into where your business model can be improved
  • Two insights into more effectively managing your IT project
  • At least two ideas for how to make your IT budget stretch much further

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My passion is for new ideas and, more importantly, how to realise them, borne out of my background in architecture and my time teaching at university and working in practice in the UK. I then took a diploma in creative software and during the past 19 years have supported numerous clients worldwide in building their online presence, through managing and consulting for a variety of successful e-commerce and IT projects. Along the way I have gathered a wealth of experience in effective business models, innovation practice and agile project management and am the author of two publications on brand development and business strategies. Read about what my clients say, or download my CV here. Or, if you don’t feel inclined to read yet another website and would just like to chat with me about your personal innovation and creative potential, specific business challenges you currently face or your IT needs, just contact me and let’s talk!

I look forward to meeting you!

Simon Bowen


Simon Bowen


My web business alone is now forecast to achieve over €1 million in sales this year. Online sales continue to rise every month and I am now for the third time needing to move to a larger premises so that we can cope with fulfilling all of the orders! Simon‘s creativity, business knowledge and extensive experience has been integral to... Continue Reading »
Kolbjorn Borseth - Owner, Aromantic Ltd,
Simon's coaching allowed me to envision an amazing variety of projects - from personal growth plans to public projects; from goals small and immediately able to be accomplished to those that are grand and long-term. I found the sessions profoundly useful and inspiring and I am very grateful for Simon's kind and attentive work with me.
Katrina Wagner, Professor of Art History, Studio Art, Ethnic Studies and Humanities, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA
Whilst developing our business model and plan back in 2011 for our new online skincare company, we sought advice from Simon prior to launch. Simon was a pleasure to work with and had a calm and highly professional manner. More importantly Simon gave an honest and direct assessment of our business model helping to bring our vision more sharply into... Continue Reading »
Steve Williams, Managing Director, Ora Naturals,
Thank you for such a well-held space for all our stakeholders to come together in. You helped so effectively to explore the issues holding us back from our strength in a non-threatening and safe way. I can see ways now to work through things, and I have a sense of the new working innovation culture to come.
Mari Hollander, Management, The Findhorn Foundation College, Innovation Training workshop with Simon Bowen and Stephen Busby 2011
Working with Simon has been a wonderful pleasure! In his calm but direct "coaching" manner, he focused on what was important to me in building my website, while making me aware of many critical issues that I needed to take into consideration. I know I can depend on Simon!
Elizabeth Kruempelmann, Global Citizen Coaching,


Cosmetri - The regulatory and formulation web app for makers of cosmetic and personal care products.
Seminar and Product Launch at Making Cosmetics 2015, UK
I'll be exhibiting my soon to be launched project Cosmetri at the Making Cosmetics 2015 UK trade...
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Random House Bertlesmann
App Concept for Random House / Forever Young
Developed together with Dr Kristina Jacoby, a new 'no carb' health app concept for Dr Strunz...
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Hamburg School of Business Administration
Teaching Module on Innovation in Organisational Culture, HSBA, Hamburg
This coming semester I've been invited by Mike Fischer to teach a module for third-year students on...
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I’ve Joined Betahaus, Berlin!
Berlin is brimming with co-working spaces, start-up incubators and social business initiatives....
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New eBook Published
Brand new, by Simon Bowen: The Natural Beauty Brand Design Guide - Principles, Strategies and Tips...
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